This is a European Project, financed within the ambit of the Horizon 2020 programs, “iManageCancer: Empowering patients and strengthening self-management in cancer diseases“.

The project involves the collaboration of 8 partners from 5 European countries. It runs from January 2015 until December 2019. It aims to develop a platform for patient self-management of cancer. The Platform provides a program of a dynamic collection of clinical and psychological of patient data, through which patients and physicians can interact, communicate and make decisions remotely.
Thanks to this platform, the professionals involved in the care program will be able to regularly check the status of the patient, while the patient and his or her family will be able to share the information regarding the disease and its trend through specific reports shared online.
Applications are included within the platform to dialogue with patients according to their clinical and psychological profile. These train and support the patients themselves improving empowerment and disease management.


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